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The TRRA has recently moved all of its data from the older site to the new, more user friendly site. Visiting the older site labelled www.texrevrecovery.org will redirect users to this site automatically. Please contact the TRRA team at 806-372-3381 or trra@theprpc.org if you have any questions.

What is TRRA and How does it work?

The Texas Revenue Recovery Association (TRRA) is a collection of cities and other public entities operating under the authority of the Interlocal Cooperation Act (Chapter 791, Government Code) to assist each other in the collection of delinquent utility accounts. The TRRA operates on the principle that cities can work together by using each other's inherent rights to suspend or terminate utility services for non-payment - on behalf of one another. The idea for this revenue recovery association is not new, and was first addressed in 1999. Since that time, many public entities began working on a way to remove the barriers and create the system. These efforts culminated in the passage of HB 2036 (Swinford, 78th Regular Session). HB 2036 amended Chapter 402, Local Government Code, and Chapter 364, Health and Safety Code. Taken together, these changes removed the barriers identified and made it possible for public entities to work together to collect delinquent utility accounts.

This program is well suited to fit the needs of the cities that experience difficulty with bad debt from citizens that move from one community to another. As the association gains members, the system is more effective with the collections. Potentially, the growth could lead to state wide acceptance and participation of the program that has been piloted in the Panhandle region. The TRRA currently has 80 member cities covering the State of Texas, with the majority being in the Panhandle region. The other cities come from the South Plains, North Texas, Permian Basin and south Texas regions.

Today, TRRA operates under Section 552.910 of the Texas Local Government Code.

Statutory Authority


(a) A municipality that operates a utility system, as defined by Section 552.001, or provides solid waste disposal services may enter an agreement for the collection of unpaid utility charges or solid waste disposal services fees with:

(1) another municipality that operates a utility system;

(2) a county or public agency that provides solid waste disposal services; or

(3) another political subdivision acting on behalf of a municipality, county, or public agency to assist in the collection of unpaid utility charges or solid waste disposal fees.

(b) The agreement may provide that a municipality:

(1) may refuse to provide utility service to a person if the person is past due on utility charges or solid waste disposal services fees owed to another party to the agreement; or

(2) may collect an amount equal to the past due utility charges or solid waste disposal services fees owed to another party to the agreement plus a service charge and provide the utility service the person requests.

(c) The agreement shall provide for:

(1) the confidentiality of a person's utility or solid waste disposal account information and the prevention of disclosure to a person or other entity that is not a party to the agreement; and

(2) the apportionment of any past due charges, fees, and service charges authorized by Subsection (b)(2) between the collecting entity and the entity to which the fees are owed.


If you are collecting a delinquent account from one of your original citizens, please charge the $25.00 that is generated on the invoice. The $7.50 fee is for record removal for accounts that were collected by a collection agency. This is in accordance with your interlocal agreement as a member. Thanks and call if you have any questions.

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TRRA Contact Information

Panhandle Regional Planning Commission

TRRA Administrator: Kurt Grant

E-mail: trra@theprpc.org

Phone: (806) 372-3381

Fax: (806) 373-3268

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 9257, Amarillo, TX 79105

Texas Revenue Recovery Association

Board of Directors

Don Jennings, Chairman (Finance Director, City of Perryton)

Chris Sharp, Vice-Chairman (Assistant City Manager, City of Canyon)

Tina Rex, Secretary (Utility Clerk, City of Spearman)

Chris Coffman, Member (City Manager, City of Granbury)

Sarianne Beversdorf, Member (Finance Director, City of Plainview)

BJ Potts, Member (City Manager, City of Dimmitt)

Jennifer Gonzalez, Member (Utility Billing Supervisor, City of Amarillo)

Joe Price, Member (Assistant City Manager, City of Borger)

To date, TRRA has recovered $620,331.87*.
*This amount is an estimate.